Order a unique digital stylized portrait to treat yourself, get a new profile pic or make a cool gift for someone special!

Get a puzzle that no one else has in 3 different sizes

Digital Stylized Portrait + Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Stylized portrait in JPG and PNG formats 300ppi resolution in different sizes ready to be printed or uploaded to your favorite social media channel:

    • 7680x4320px
    • 3480x2160px
    • 2560x1440px
    • 1200x1200px
    • 1080x1920px
    • 1080x1350px
    • 1080x1080px
    • 1080x608px
    • 1080x566px
    • 1024x512px
    • 400x400px
    • 320x320px
    • 170x170px

    * if you require other size you can always request it

    Your files will be kept in the cloud for a month after you will receive them

    Puzlzles are available in 3 sizes:

    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large